The origin of PAMrace Regatta

From Pedro Abreu to PAMrace

The first international competition

Rowing started in Banyoles in  1958 when Club Natació Banyoles opened a rowing section. Some years later, in 1964, a mentor arrived in Banyoles, his name was Pedro Abreu. That same year, the Olympic rowing track of Banyoles was inaugurated and hosted the famous regatta Oxford vs Cambrige. Banyoles was already prepared,  by then, for international competitions. 

The legacy of Pedro Abreu

Pedro Abreu was in Banyoles for more than fifteen years, until 1980. He invested time, energy and money in hundreds of young men and women throughout rowing. He founded the Rowing School in Banyoles in 1973 to give the young athletes the possibility of combining sport and studies, granting more than 300 scholarships to those who wanted to achieve their goals by getting university degrees and continue rowing. All those efforts were rewarded in 1976 when a double scull from the Rowing School won bronze in the world championship. 

The Pedro Abreu Memorial Trophy

In 2004, a group of veteran rowers, membrers of Amics del Rem Association, decided that it was time to acknowledge in an official way the task Pedro Abreu accomplished in Banyoles. In April 2nd, 2005 Pedro Abreu Memorial Trophy was established as an annual race in the international calendar.

In 2019 three rowing competitions come together on the same dates to create the Pedro Abreu Memorial Regatta, The PAMrace Regatta. 

The Awards programme

The order has developed an Awards programme, in memory of the mentor, to recognize deserving individuals,associations, organizations and companies that have made significant contributions to rowing and the rowing community. The following is the list of those holding the Award: 


2012: Pierre Abreu, President of the orden; Benet Angelats; Dietter Pieper; Ajuntament de Banyoles;   Federació Catalana  de Rem; Club Natació Banyoles; Federación Española de Remo. 

2013: Narcís Vicens ; Patxi Sarasua.

2014: Joan Corominas;  Carlos Gomez; Jorge Molina.

2015: Daniel Martínez Cañabate; Ramon Rigau.

2016: Miguel Solano; Angel Urrutia;  Filibert Marcó.

2017: Joan Collell; José Miguel Soraluce.

2018: Eduardo Florido; Carme Boschdemont.